Mitsubishi 149 iSP Series LCDs Loaded With 16 Speakers Up Front

Mitsubishi's 149 iSP series LCDs have a 16-speaker sound bar built-in for people who are too lazy (like me) or don't know how (like my parents) to set up a home theater. The integrated Sound Projector, as it's called, sends sound flying around the walls to act like surround sound-in my experience, it was way better… »6/30/08 12:01am6/30/08 12:01am

Olevia to Roll Out New Line of 120Hz/1080p LCDs at CES 2008

Syntax-Brillian's 47" Olevia LCD (pictured here) is riding high on the kudos it got from Wired, and now the company builds on those laurels with a line of LCD displays with 120Hz technology along with 1080p resolution. Olivia is doing a full-blown rollout of the line, with five sizes from 42 inches to 65 inches. If… »1/03/08 10:16am1/03/08 10:16am

JVC Builds 180Hz LCD That Makes 120Hz LCDs Look Like Chumps

Motion blur is a problem in LCDs, and until now, the best solution was 120Hz processing: double the frames, and the blur tends to subside. JVC looked at the situation and said, if doubling works okay, then how 'bout we triple it? This week, at CEATEC, the result was on display. Little is known about this smooth… »10/05/07 12:00pm10/05/07 12:00pm

The Trouble With LCD TVs: Motion Blur and the 120Hz Solution

When I first saw LCD TVs in stores and at exhibitions years ago, I was like, WTF? Why would anyone buy these? They were blurry as hell—couldn't everyone see that? Over time, the blur problem has subsided thanks to improved refresh rates of 8ms and less. But motion blur is not only caused by refresh rate, it's a… »8/16/07 2:00pm8/16/07 2:00pm

Hands On With Samsung's Newest TV Tech: Wi-Fi Plasma, LED-Backlight LCD and 120Hz Blur Reduction

If you think all flat panels are the same, you haven't seen the stuff I'm about to show you. Remember that Wi-Fi 1080p plasma we told you about in April? Well that's it, above, and look ma, no wires. (Okay, there's a power cable plugged into the wall — who do you think built it, Nikolai Tesla?) After the jump, I'll… »7/11/07 6:15pm7/11/07 6:15pm

Guide to 120Hz HDTVs: Which Sets Have That Magic Number?

Click to viewIn the first part of this series we showed you how 120Hz technology will double up frames and make watching movies on HDTV even crispier than ever. Heck, with all those frames spewing forth, its butta-smoothness is almost like hyper-HD. Now, the first wave of these sets has arrived on these shores. We… »2/02/07 3:49pm2/02/07 3:49pm