The Army's Smart New Mortars Could Actually Hit a Target

Mortars are an invaluable tool for infantry forces, but the problem is that they aren't exactly accurate, only half land within 136 meters of where they're aimed. That sort of success rate just won't do in Afghanistan, where minimizing collateral damage is an imperative. That's why ATK built a mortar with pinpoint… »7/30/12 11:30am7/30/12 11:30am


How One Man Made a Double-Lens Camera Out of LEGO and Old Binoculars

With the breakneck speed at which new DSLRs are released, photography seems to have traded a bit of its soul for the pursuit of ever more megapixels. So, Carl-Frederic Salicath of Norway has taken a step back from the digital revolution and has built his own working retro 120mm-film camera. Here's how. »2/21/12 11:20pm2/21/12 11:20pm