My Visit with the 150-Inch TV Gets Perverted, Used to Ridicule Me

Last week, under orders from Boss Chen, I invited you nice people to use our 150-inch TV pictures as Photoshop fodder »10/07/08 1:15pm10/07/08 1:15pm, specifically the photos with me in them. As expected, you didn't disappoint. I am happy to report that no one inserted me into any fetish porn, so I thank you for that. I can't say I escaped with my…


Video: 150-Inch Panasonic Plasma Looks Even Bigger Up Close

Panasonic finally raised the curtain on their 150-inch Plasma, and its a beauty. Panasonic did a good job of keeping the TV under wraps until now. Once the curtain dropped, the photographers flocked and the plasma was drowned in flashes. It's amazing how much more immersive the plasma is even compared to Panasonic's… »1/07/08 1:27pm1/07/08 1:27pm