Dell 30-inch UltraSharp LCD with DisplayPort Surfaces Online

Dell's New Zealand site has posted a 30-inch UltraSharp LCD that includes DisplayPort support along with the other usual suspects as far as inputs go. The 1600p behemoth is selling on the site for $2699 NZD ($2048 USD). No U.S. release info has been announced. (UPDATE: Also on the U.S. site for $2034. Thanks, DShankar »12/19/07 12:17am12/19/07 12:17am


Never-Before-Seen Gateway 30-Inch Extreme HD XHD3000 Monitor Has HQV Processing, Gazillion Inputs

Today at the Gateway One press event, Gateway quietly revealed a potentially more exciting product, the 30-inch ExtremeHD 1600 monitor. It could very well be the only screen you ever need, because it takes everything from a VCR to a high-end gaming PC and upscales it all with HQV Realta technology to display on its… »9/27/07 10:03am9/27/07 10:03am