1980s College Dean: Universities Will Collapse Because of Liberals

It's a perennial question that gets people on both sides of the debate pretty riled up — should everyone go to college? With the cost of higher education continuing to climb since the postwar era — a time when many people were able to pay for college with part-time jobs and generous government assistance like the… » 8/14/13 6:12pm 8/14/13 6:12pm

How Wikipedia Would Have Worked in the 1980s

I'm so thankful I never used a computer in the 1980s because it looks mind-scrunchingly frustrating. I would probably hate technology because of it. So thank you to all the patient geniuses who took the time to use things like DOS for the rest of us. Even if today's tools existed back then, it would still be so much… » 6/03/13 8:45pm 6/03/13 8:45pm

Music Vest Ad from the '80s is Probably the Pinnacle of Gadget…

Back in the year 1984, there was no Gizmodo to warn you away from lousy gadgets. Instead, you had to take your chances on products that you saw on TV. If you actually sent away $34.95 for one of these Music Vests after seeing the commercial, however, you get no sympathy from me. Although it does look like a sweet… » 5/21/08 1:30pm 5/21/08 1:30pm

Buy One LaserTour, Get the Lay-Dee for Free

This is leisure, 1982-style. The Perceptronics LaserTour consisted of an industrial-quality LaserDisc player, an exercise bike and a 45-inch video projector. The faster you pedalled, the faster the scenery went by. The faster the scenery went by, the thinner your thighs got. The thinner your thighs got, the happier… » 6/26/07 6:10pm 6/26/07 6:10pm