Canon 1D Mark IV: The $5000 New King of Cameras

The videos are out, and now so's the camera: $5000 buys you a 16MP DSLR that shoots at a whopping 102,400ISO with a new 45-point autofocus system, 10fps bursts, and oh yeah—suck it D3s, incredible 1080p video. » 10/20/09 12:03am 10/20/09 12:03am

Canon 1D Mark IV 1080p Night Vision Videos Are Simply Incredible

Canon's 1D Mark IV is real: Vincent Laforet, who shot the first videos using the 5D Mark II was the first to take out the 1D Mark IV, and the result, using entirely ambient light, is just astounding. » 10/19/09 11:41pm 10/19/09 11:41pm

Canon 1D Mark IV Pro DSLR Revealed Tomorrow?

Canon's pro DSLRs are Holy Grail ancient at this point, so something's gotta be coming soon: It might the 1D Mark IV, as early as tomorrow. People, inventory systems and invitations are talking. » 10/19/09 9:27am 10/19/09 9:27am