This Screen Can Display 2D and 3D Images At the Same Time

With most 3D TVs you'll see a headache-inducing double image unless you're wearing a pair of polarizing or shutter glasses. But researchers from the Shirai Lab at Japan's Kanagawa Institute of Technology have developed a remarkable screen that can display both 2D and 3D images at the same time, without the… »11/22/13 10:10am11/22/13 10:10am


HTC Says Software Update Coming, May or May Not Fix Video Issues

The HTC video driver controversy might be coming to an end, as the promised software fix may or may not be released soon. Why the uncertainty? Because HTC themselves didn't specify whether this update even fixes it, not confirming one way or the other that on it enabling Qualcomm's 2D or 3D graphics support. Actually,… »4/28/08 4:30pm4/28/08 4:30pm

2D to 3D Alchemy: Teaching Geometric Context to Dumbass Machines

Here's a pleasant video to start your day, showing the work of researchers at Carnegie Mellon University who taught computers to translate a flat 2D photograph into a 3D scene. And just listen to that soothing music, which will lower your blood pressure and make you feel serene and confident for the rest of the day. »10/20/06 8:53am10/20/06 8:53am