Waterproof MP3 Player is iRiver, Dives to 200 Feet Under the Sea

I wouldn't—well, I would just once, like to see what it's like to dive with The Hives singing along while I fin down to a reef —because I like to live out my Darth Vader fantasies, but this MP3 player could just persuade me otherwise. What is remarkable about this iRiver iFP-380T, with its waterproof case and headset,… » 2/18/08 10:55am 2/18/08 10:55am

First Sub-$200 HD DVD Player Announced: Venturer SHD7000

Click to viewIs this it? The HD DVD stake into Blu-ray's heart that will signal a start to the resolution of these next-gen DVD format wars? We tracked down a price on the upcoming Venturer HD DVD player and discovered it to be $199, the magical price that everyone's been waiting for. » 8/29/07 3:22pm 8/29/07 3:22pm