Best Futures of 2007

We've seen a lot of futuristic visions this past year, but sometimes even the coolest ones aren't exactly "best." I mean, the greenified New York City in I Am Legend looked great, but who would want to be the guy in that future? For our list of best futures, we've picked tomorrows that are sometimes perilous but…

Samsung L73 Digicam Can Spot Faces

Unlike most of those coy camera vendors who are saving their new goods for February's PMA show, Samsung is putting out right here in Vegas with five new models. Coolest is the 7-megapixel L73 ($300). With it, Samsung joins the anti-aphasia campaigns of Canon, Fujifilm, and Nikon by adding face detection. Its…

Sharp Rolls Out Gigantic 108-Inch LCD

CENTERPIECE: 108-inch Aquos LCD TV

PRICETAG: They wouldn't tell us, but it will ship "this summer"

SPECTACLE: A huge black curtain dominated the left side of the stage, heightening expectations. All of a sudden, there's a 108-inch LCD with contrast ratio that Sharp said was equal to plasma displays.



Office 2007 Online Preview

Microsoft has put up an online "Beta 2 Test Drive" for people who are on the fence about upgrading. In case you don't want to install the actual Beta for fears that it'll interfere with your older version of office, this preview lets you check out what's new—and what's not. All you need is IE 5.5 or later and the…