Are Your Eyeballs Ready For a 480Hz LCD TV?

Or for that matter, are anyone's? These are the questioned posed by a bizarre report that Samsung, who've been doing the whole 200Hz frame interpolation thing for a while now, will bring a 480Hz LCD HDTV to IFA this year. » 8/24/09 11:20am 8/24/09 11:20am

Sony Z4500 Motionflow 200Hz HDTV Gives Ultra-Smooth Video Action

Another First today » 8/28/08 8:47am 8/28/08 8:47am has been the Sony Z4500 with 200Hz Motionflow technology, which uses a special processor to interpolate frames from the original source, delivering 200 frames per second for ultra-smooth, I-wanna-rub-my-butt-against-a-giant-english-pudding smooth video action. I saw the demo, right next to a normal…