Why Genetic Testing Is So Important For Sports

Fast Company has a profile on 23andMe, the de facto public face of genetic testing, that's worth a read just for the look at the underpinnings of the science. But there's a moment in there that teases out the gut punch that can come from that knowledge, and that's closely related to how genetic testing in sports might… » 10/16/13 5:12pm 10/16/13 5:12pm

It Now Only Costs $100 To Know Everything About Your DNA

Mapping out your genome is the 21st Century equivalent of staring deep inside your soul; it's tempting to look, but terrifying what you might find. The DNA divers at 23andMe are hoping that slashing the price of their home-testing service—from $300 down to $100—will be enough to tilt the scales towards discovery. Are… » 12/13/12 8:58am 12/13/12 8:58am

23andMe's (Free) DNA Test: Pointless or Profound?

23andMe's DNA analysis kit doesn't cost $200 today. Rather, it's free. So, now that the super steep price can't scare you away from a deep analysis of your genetic past and future, is it worth it? Gizmodo's opinion is divided. » 4/11/11 11:20am 4/11/11 11:20am