BenQ's V2400W is the World's Slimmest 24-inch LCD

People who want big screen space without having to buy a wide desk to support it can take a look at this BenQ V2400W, which is the world's slimmest 24-inch widescreen monitor. It's apparently more than 21% slimmer than the next slimmest monitor at 2.44 inches, and has a 4000:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio and 1080p HD… » 3/17/08 3:30pm 3/17/08 3:30pm

AUO's 24-inch, 16:9 LCD Display is World's First Truly "Widescreen"…

College students and people who enjoy watching movies on their computers will enjoy this AU Optronics 24-inch monitor, which is the world's first 16:9 aspect ratio display for your desk. Why would you want something that's 16:9 as opposed to the slightly narrower ratio that traditional "widescreen" desktop monitors… » 3/11/08 5:00pm 3/11/08 5:00pm

Flexscan LCD Monitor for the Color-Blind Is 24 Inches

Eizo has brought out the SX2461W-U, a 24-inch monitor aimed at the color-blind. It's got 1920 x 1200 resolution, and a contrast ratio of 850:1 and brightness of 300 cd/m2. Rather like their previous 19-incher, the Eizo uses Color Universal Design (CUD) technology, which uses different color schemes and shapes to… » 11/26/07 4:31am 11/26/07 4:31am