27-Inch iMacs Receive Some Firmware Fixes

If your 27-inch iMac sometimes forgets to wake its screen when coming out of hibernation, or if CPU usage goes nuts after using headphones for a while, well, you're in luck. New firmware! It goes by the name 27-inch iMac EFI FW Update 1.0. So do that system update thing you do so well. [MacRumors] » 4/15/10 8:21am 4/15/10 8:21am

Apple Paying Out 15% On Broken 27-Inch iMacs

Still think that widespread iMac problems don't exist? After we reported Apple giving UK customers 15% refund bonuses with 27-inch iMac returns, we've heard from quite a few readers that Apple is doing the same thing in the US. UPDATE » 2/04/10 12:27pm 2/04/10 12:27pm

Apple's Second Firmware Update for 27-Inch iMacs Supposedly Fixes…

After the first firmware update didn't really fix the flickering screens on 27-inch iMacs, we heard rumors that another was on the way. Well, it's here. But is it making a difference? » 2/01/10 9:07pm 2/01/10 9:07pm

I Spoke Too Soon, My iMac Is &#$@ed, Too

Last week, my head buzzing with new gadget endorphins, I wrote a fun post about my new iMac, teasing whether or not it arrived in one piece. But now, I've realized, there is something wrong. And I'm not alone. » 12/15/09 11:00am 12/15/09 11:00am

ColorWare's Kaleidoscope of Color Comes to 27-inch iMacs and the Magic…

Hot the heels of letting you paint the PS3 Slim, ColorWare will now also customize your latest Apple gear. For $500, you can colorize your own iMac, or pay a $700 premium (over Apple's prices) to buy one from ColorWare. » 11/25/09 8:44am 11/25/09 8:44am

iMac Teardown Reveals What Apple Hides Behind Its Logo

The new iMac uses the Apple logo on the back for a very specific purpose. Can you guess? Hint: It's one of the few parts of the body that's plastic. » 10/22/09 8:27am 10/22/09 8:27am