A Cellphone Base Station in the Palm of Your Hand

How will the billion people who still use older 2G cellphones use them to pay for goods, just like people with smartphones equipped with near-field communications (NFC) wireless links? One answer is to place a tiny 2G base station at the point of sale so that those older non-NFC phones can also make a short-range… » 11/13/12 7:21am 11/13/12 7:21am

iPod Touch Second Generation Rocks Our Socks Off

The new iPod touch is out. It has a new design: chrome rim, with a tapered back similar to the iPhone, but thinner. It now includes external volume controls as well. It also has Nike+ integrated with no transmitter needed » 9/09/08 1:34pm 9/09/08 1:34pm (you still need the in-shoe transmitter, but it has an RFID receiver built-in) as well as…

New iPhone Firmware Beta Has a 3G On/Off Switch: I Wish It Was Automatic

The iPhone's recently released firmware 2.0 Beta 5 has a 3G on/off switch for users. Underneath, there's a warning that 3G browsing will kill your battery faster. While that's more proof of the upgraded hardware we already expect, what I find most interesting is the manual control. It's not too late to change it, but… » 5/11/08 2:09pm 5/11/08 2:09pm

Dealzmodo: Refurb'd 2nd Gen iPod Shuffle, $59

The Apple refurbished Special Deals store is updated again. Today, they added the silver 1GB second generation iPod Shuffle for $59. The regular price on this product is $79 and it includes free shipping. &ltInformercial Voice&gtThat is savings of 29-percent!</Infomercial Voice> Really, this isn't a bad deal and it is… » 2/15/07 1:30pm 2/15/07 1:30pm