Evangelion USB Stick Entry Plugs Its Way Into Your Heart

All Evangelion » 9/12/08 3:40pm 9/12/08 3:40pm nerds (like me) should know exactly what this Entry Plug is supposed to be: the ride Shinji and Rei have that plugs them (in more ways than one) into a gigantic robot. This USB storage version does NOT allow you to destroy Tokyo while protecting it, but it does keep your files safe while you're…

Sony E020 Walkman Lets You Match Your MP3 Player With Your Clothes

Sony's E020 Walkman, the flash-based MP3 player for kids who like to coordinate their gadgets with their outfits, will finally hit U.S. shores in mid-June. The E020 features a colored three-line LCD screen and a built-in USB jack with drag-and-drop MP3 transfer system (no SonicStage this time around, thankfully). Its… » 5/24/08 11:00am 5/24/08 11:00am

Dealzmodo: 2GB SD Card, USB Card Reader, $38

Today we're featuring a PQI 2GB SD Card with a free 7-in-1 card reader for $38. With damn near every gadget out there using SD for expandable memory, this might be the perfect spare card to add to your collection. I haven't really heard much about PQI, but an SD card is an SD card, right? For comparison purposes, most… » 8/16/06 4:38pm 8/16/06 4:38pm