Crowded Ultraportable Party Gets Dissected

The guys over at Liliputing have a done a great service for all who are looking for the perfect low-cost ultraportable notebook. They've made a "comprehensive list of low-cost ultraportables", that not only shows you what's available and what's not, but also provides information for every unit. So if you've been craving… » 4/24/08 10:00pm 4/24/08 10:00pm

Intel Classmate 2 Gets Official, Available for Individual Consumer…

We spotted what we expected to be Intel's Classmate successor sometime ago, but now things have become official. The Classmate 2 PC was announced at Intel's Developer Forum in Shanghai, and the spec improves on the original machine's capabilities little by little.
» 4/03/08 4:17am 4/03/08 4:17am