Intel Classmate 2 Gets Official, Available for Individual Consumer…

We spotted what we expected to be Intel's Classmate successor sometime ago, but now things have become official. The Classmate 2 PC was announced at Intel's Developer Forum in Shanghai, and the spec improves on the original machine's capabilities little by little.
» 4/03/08 4:17am 4/03/08 4:17am

Intel Netbook Actually the 2go PC Made by CTL

Turns out that even though our specs for Intel's rumored Netbook were on the money—900MHz Celeron, 40GB HDD—the laptop is actually the 2go PC made by CTL. They emailed us with a full spec sheet which reveal a couple new details: The screen is LED-backlit, it's under 3 pounds and it supports mesh networking. While they… » 3/24/08 4:55pm 3/24/08 4:55pm