The World's Thinnest 2TB Hard Drive Is a Mere 9.5mm Thick

Just a few months ago we were impressed with Western Digital for cramming an entire terabyte of storage into a mobile hard drive that was just seven millimeters thick. But now Seagate's come along to steal WD's thunder with the ultra-slim 2.5-inch Spinpoint M9T that manages to double that capacity to two-terabytes… »11/06/13 8:00am11/06/13 8:00am

StorCenter ix2: Iomega's Surprisingly Cheap EMC Home Server

EMC bought Iomega so that it could start easing its business-grade storage gear into homes and small offices, and the StorCenter ix2 is the first official combo of Iomega brand and EMC juice. Before I get into its LifeLine Linux environment, I wanted to point out that this thing is priced to move: A full two-disk 1TB… »10/15/08 12:01am10/15/08 12:01am

WD MyBook Mirror Edition: Nothing Says "Safe" Like a Personal 2TB RAID Drive

WD just launched a drive that looks awfully familiar: Because the WD MyBook Mirror Edition houses two 3.5" GreenPower drives—in this case either 500GB or 1TB each—it uses the same case as the networked MyBook World Edition. But this one is just for you, and you alone. The Mirror, which costs $550 for 2TB version and… »6/18/08 9:54am6/18/08 9:54am

LaCie Bumps Ethernet Big Disk to King Kong-like 2TB

LaCie's giving its Ethernet Big Disk a major upgrade today, doubling its stomach size from 1TB to 2TB. The drive will include 2 USB ports, Gigabit Ethernet, and support for Windows, Macs, and Linux. You'll even be able to add extra storage via one of the USB ports (should you be that hungry for storage space). I like… »5/31/07 12:00pm5/31/07 12:00pm

Hammer Storage's 2TB Network Drives Are Big Like a Large Object

This Hammer (don't...) Storage myshare NAS seems to be one of the few home and small business units to offer up to 2TB of storage. The unit itself takes 2 hard disks to form anywhere between 320GB and 2TB of storage, with an extra USB expansion port in the back for printers or even more space. Best of all, the NAS has… »3/22/07 5:01pm3/22/07 5:01pm