The Hobbit 3D Glasses You'd Pay Extra Not To Wear

Peter Jackson's decision to shoot The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey at 48 fps and in 3D raised a lot of eyebrows among Lord Of the Rings fans. But not the Tolkien marketing machine who saw an opportunity to cook up these tacky Hobbit-themed 3D glasses for the film's release. » 8/01/12 3:20pm 8/01/12 3:20pm

The Manufacturers Are Finally Standardizing 3D Glasses...Together

Big news from Panasonic, Samsung and Sony: they're teaming-up to put a stop to this silly trend of being forced into buying expensive 3D glasses that only work with one manufacturer's 3DTV, and will use Xpand's glasses from next year. » 8/08/11 10:39am 8/08/11 10:39am

The Backwards Fashion Evolution of 3D Glasses

How could 3D glasses go from the sleek, minimal shades we see here on the noses of 1951's Festival of Britain-goers, to the clumsy, Oakley-style wrap-arounds of today? Dolby's new lightweight ones aren't even much competition, even though they're only passive glasses and don't even need to house the heavier active… » 4/14/11 12:20pm 4/14/11 12:20pm

These Lightweight 3D Glasses From Dolby Will Still Make You Look…

True, the bridge of your nose might appreciate the lessened weight, but to those around you, you'll still look like a goggle-eyed bandit. Compatible with Dolby 3D Digital Cinema screens, they also have anti-theft RFID tags so cinemas can try and stop the blatant pilfering which still seems to be going on. You'd think… » 3/22/11 10:24am 3/22/11 10:24am

Raise Your Hand if You Support the Standardization of Active Shutter…

The same association that puts on the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas each year has called for manufacturers to get their acts together and support a new standards process for 3D active shutter glasses. As you know, each manufacturers' glasses are compatible with only their 3DTVs (unless worn upside-down), a fact… » 3/10/11 5:00am 3/10/11 5:00am