Netflix Nabs a Tina Fey-Created Series From NBC

Saving shows that networks stupidly cancelled has been kind of a thing for the new wave of content creators, like Yahoo famously taking the reins of Community. In a slightly different twist, Netflix has snapped up a midseason replacement from NBC, starring Ellie Kemper and created by Tina Fey. » 11/21/14 7:16pm 11/21/14 7:16pm

The Greatest Eulogy of All Time For a Broadway Legend

Elaine Stritch passed away today at the age of 89. While the Broadway legend had decades of iconic live performances under her belt, tonight's a good time to celebrate her life on the small screen: As Colleen Donaghy in 30 Rock with a eulogy—The Greatest Eulogy of All Time—written and delivered by her onscreen son,… » 7/17/14 8:00pm 7/17/14 8:00pm

Comcast Wants to Put Its Logo On Top of a Beloved NYC Landmark

30 Rockefeller Plaza is one of the most beloved buildings in New York City. Hell, there's even a TV show named after it. Now that Comcast, majority shareholder of NBC Universal, is growing into an Earth-swallowing corporate behemoth, they are looking to erect their huge glowing logo atop the skyscraper, replacing the… » 6/13/14 1:01pm 6/13/14 1:01pm

30 Rock Takes Down Billionaire Nerd-Kings

Gone are the days when the richest people were handsome and debonaire. Consider it the Zuckerbergization of the business world. On last week's 30 Rock, Liz and Jenna encountered Thad Wormald. Thad is filthy rich because "he did an internet, and now the computers like him, and Wall Street is Google," as Jenna… » 2/27/12 2:40pm 2/27/12 2:40pm

Learn From Jack Donaghy: Buy a Domain Before It Goes Porn

Choosing a domain name can often lead to drastic compromises in name recognition. Only the lucky few who acted quickly, or who have truly unique names, can claim lordship over I pity the John Smiths of the world. Nobody feels the hurt more than Jack Donaghy when, on last night's 30 Rock, he tries to… » 2/17/12 3:01pm 2/17/12 3:01pm

Longing for When TiVo Reigned Supreme

It seems like just yesterday when TiVo was a verb. But thanks to the drab overlords of digital cable providers, we've been forced to adapt the blander and more brand-neutral DVR. On last week's 30 Rock, Liz Lemon expressed her longing for days gone by. Personally? I still catch myself remembering to "tape" episode.… » 1/31/12 9:28am 1/31/12 9:28am

The Hilarious Problem of a Siri-Powered Apple HDTV

30 Rock's Jack Donaghy, as played by Alec Baldwin, had the same idea Apple has for their upcoming HDTV: ditch the remote and use your voice to control your TV. However! His TV hilariously failed because the voice recognition software was too good. » 10/28/11 10:47am 10/28/11 10:47am

Eric Schmidt Awkwardly Telling Tina Fey to Switch to Android

The magic happens at exactly 25 minutes in. As Tina Fey describes how much insight a phone has into your life, Eric Schmidt, in his creepiest, creepy-friendly voice tells her, "And we want you to use a more powerful phone." » 4/26/11 7:40pm 4/26/11 7:40pm

How 30 Rock's Jack Donaghy Feels About Comcast Swallowing NBC

Alec Baldwin reveals how his GE-jingoist counterpart on 30 Rock, Jack Donaghy, will take the news about Comcast buying a majority stake of NBC. It's sort of how I feel, but about life, and without an office. [Media Decoder] » 12/04/09 6:45pm 12/04/09 6:45pm

30 Rock's Emphatically Branded Windows Computer Is Confusing

On this week's 30 Rock, we found out Jack's (or Jack's designer's) choice of computer, and it's a weird one: It's a prop model of a forcefully-branded Windows computer, yet 30 Rock has historically been in love with Apple products. » 10/24/09 1:45pm 10/24/09 1:45pm

Blerg! 30 Rock and Other Major Shows Leaving Netflix On Demand

I love Netflix On Demand precisely because it lets me watch 30 Rock episodes whenever I want. So I was horrified to notice, just now, that 30 Rock was going bye-bye on Oct. 1—along with other great shows. » 9/04/09 4:45pm 9/04/09 4:45pm

30 Rock Shows Apple-Style Keynotes Aren't Always the Best Business…

30 Rock's Apple keynote parody was dead-on Jobsian. The wardrobe, the attitude, the nod to convergence, and the casual mention of achievements were all pitch-perfect. But shouldn't we be done imitating Steve Jobs by now? » 4/09/09 11:20pm 4/09/09 11:20pm

So What's Up With the iPhone Love on 30 Rock?

No one is better at the in-show product placement—an increasingly necessary evil in the business—than 30 Rock. But while most of them are obvious—McFlurries, anyone?—Liz and Jack's iPhones have us confused. » 2/19/09 8:20pm 2/19/09 8:20pm

NBC Streaming Full Episodes of 30 Rock and the Office to iPhones (for…

Even though there's no love lost between NBC and iTunes, that doesn't mean NBC doesn't love you! At least if you've got an iPhone or iPod touch. They're streaming full episodes of 30 Rock and The Office to iPhones (and touches) in QuickTime, for free, with NO ads. They work, nicely, but the major catch is that if you… » 5/07/08 7:50pm 5/07/08 7:50pm

NBC Jumps Into SanDisk's Fanfare TV Download Service

Though you can no longer buy episodes of "The Office," "Heroes" or "30 Rock" on iTunes, you will be able to purchase them in January from SanDisk's Fanfare service. Of course, if you recall, you can't download the shows to your computer. You will have to watch them on the $100 to $150 SanDisk Sansa TakeTV, which has… » 12/11/07 10:10am 12/11/07 10:10am

Verizon Responds to 30 Rock Nut Shot

Anyone who watched last week's episode of 30 Rock had to have noticed when, after characters on the show praised Verizon Wireless service, Tina Fey turned abruptly to the camera and asked, "Can we have our money now?" It was...harsh to say the least...but just harsh enough to make the 30 Rock watchers at home laugh at… » 11/28/07 8:40am 11/28/07 8:40am