$300,000 Watch Doesn't Tell Time, But Shows if the Sun is Up

Do you know when you see something so completely retarded, you have no response other than to rub your face with your hands and mumble to yourself, "What the fuck?" That's exactly what we did when we saw this $300,000 Day&Night watch that doesn't tell the time, but shows you whether the sun is up basied on Tourbillon… »4/07/08 8:15pm4/07/08 8:15pm

DJ Mixes Audio and Video to Awesome Effect On New Pioneer SVM-1000

This is DJ Roonie G demonstrating Pioneer's new SVM-1000 mixer at the launch event last night, which brought out big names in electronic music like BT and Tommy Lee. The SVM-1000 adds a new layer to traditional DJing by letting the artist mix both audio and video on as many as four channels. Hit the jump for more info… »11/08/07 11:46am11/08/07 11:46am