FCC Confirms PSP Redesign Number 3001 With Few Visible Improvements

Click to viewThe FCC has come through again, giving up testing info on Sony's upcoming PSP-3001 redesign. It's still the same generation PSP and still has most of the same parts (802.11b Wi-Fi) and still plays the same games, so we're guessing most of the changes will be internal and focused on lowering costs and… »8/14/08 1:37am8/14/08 1:37am

Show Your Flair: Microsoft's Notebook Mouse 3000 Now Comes in 5 Colors

Microsoft's Wireless Notebook Optical Mouse 3000 has been around a while, but just like the Model T, it came in any color so long as it's black. Those days are over, as the 3000 now comes in five—dare I say fruity?—new colors. The lineup includes Pomegranate, Dragon Fruit, Aloe, Milk Chocolate, and Creme Brulee. Too… »4/08/08 9:00am4/08/08 9:00am