Happy New Year: Night Shooting Japan with the Canon 30D DSLR

New Years happened in Tokyo a few hours ago. I had a nice dinner with Lisa's family, and then we headed out to a local temple not far from their house in Ebisu. I took along the Canon 30D DSLR, my favorite low light shooter ever, and the 18-85mm f/4.0-5.6 lens with image stabilization. More on the camera after the… »12/31/06 11:59pm12/31/06 11:59pm

Dealzmodo Supplemental: Amazon Clearing out Canon Gear, Hinting At a Future Release?

Amazon is having a rebate fiesta with Canon gear. A wide variety of Canon lenses have rebates as low as $10 all the way up to $100 (if you buy multiple). They are also clearing out some high-end DSLR cameras. The 5D now has a $300 mail-in-rebate and the 30D has a $100 mail-in-rebate with double rebates if you buy more… »10/23/06 5:30pm10/23/06 5:30pm