Info on Intel's Dual-Core Atom 330 Processor Hits Internets

Last we'd heard about dual-core version of Intel's tiny Atom processor it was delayed » 8/20/08 5:45am 8/20/08 5:45am through supply problems... but now info on Intel's Atom 330 dual-core has arrived. It's a desktop chip, with a 533MHz frontside bus and based on the 45nm process, though there's no info on its clock speeds yet. It'll be compatible…

Nokia 330 Navigation Device to Ship This Year

We've been hearing rumblings about the Nokia 330 dedicated navigation device for a while now, but today the company makes it official, vowing to release it sometime before the end of the year in Europe. Its 3.5-inch touchscreen will give you voice guidance and visual directions using NavTeq map data, and it also… » 10/30/06 1:17pm 10/30/06 1:17pm