The Cheapest Roomba Just Got Way Better

The Roomba 500 Series is dead. Long live the 600 Series! iRobot is giving some products a very nice upgrade today, starting with its entry-level robotic floor vacuums. The Looj, its rain gutter cleaning bot, is getting the treatment, too. » 8/14/12 9:00am 8/14/12 9:00am

Sony's New Entry-Level DSLRs Officially Confirmed

Sony's new 230, 330, and 380 DSLRs were seriously leaked last week, but now they've been officially confirmed. One new item of interest is the starting price: $550, $650, and $850, respectively. » 5/16/09 9:20pm 5/16/09 9:20pm

Info on Intel's Dual-Core Atom 330 Processor Hits Internets

Last we'd heard about dual-core version of Intel's tiny Atom processor it was delayed » 8/20/08 5:45am 8/20/08 5:45am through supply problems... but now info on Intel's Atom 330 dual-core has arrived. It's a desktop chip, with a 533MHz frontside bus and based on the 45nm process, though there's no info on its clock speeds yet. It'll be compatible…

Nokia 330 Navigation Device to Ship This Year

We've been hearing rumblings about the Nokia 330 dedicated navigation device for a while now, but today the company makes it official, vowing to release it sometime before the end of the year in Europe. Its 3.5-inch touchscreen will give you voice guidance and visual directions using NavTeq map data, and it also… » 10/30/06 1:17pm 10/30/06 1:17pm

Nokia Ready to Slip Us Another Tablet?

If the Nokia N95 and 770 were to get it on in some seedy Motel 8, this would be the result of their passionate love-making. The Nokia 330 has the media-friendly features of its N95 father with the sexy thinness of its 770 mother. Though it's far from being confirmed, the gadget-loving Brits at T3 have unveiled the… » 10/24/06 10:00am 10/24/06 10:00am

Plantronics Discovery 655, 640E, Explorer 330, 340, 350

We're suckers for a good bluetooth headset after that one time when we dropped our phone in the car on the highway and got it lodged under our brakes, causing us to slam into and kill a school bus worth of kids. Good news though, they were all a**holes. » 7/28/06 6:30pm 7/28/06 6:30pm

330 MPG Concept Vehicle

This Aptera concept vehicle looks like an amalgam of all kinds of vehicles. In the design, you can see a tricycle, a Plymouth Prowler, the glossy white of an iPod, and an EV-1. » 7/12/06 4:00pm 7/12/06 4:00pm

Paradigm Cinema Speakers

Paradigm does a nice set of speakers, and these Cinema 220 and Cinema 330 Left/Right/Center models are no exception. Both include a more-powerful driver system, though the 330 takes on a different look, with two 4.5 ICP injection-molded co-polymer polypropylene bass/midrange cones and two 4.5 high-power polypropylene… » 2/01/06 2:26pm 2/01/06 2:26pm