Inside Xbox 360 Kinect and How Microsoft Thinks It Could Change…

Microsoft's little taste of our sci-fi future, Kinect, is here. Right now, it's pretty good. But the potential is incredible. Two months ago, we saw how Microsoft got here, and just how far they wanted to take it. [Gizmodo] » 11/04/10 7:31pm 11/04/10 7:31pm

The Xbox 360's New Official Controller Is a Transformer

So, that new-and-improved Xbox 360 controller? It's real. It's silver. And the d-pad transforms, switching from the Xbox's traditional, kinda crappy disc to an honest-to-goodness four-directional d-pad—all you've gotta do is twist it. Now for the bad news. » 8/31/10 12:23pm 8/31/10 12:23pm