This 360-Degree GoPro Video Is Your Only Chance To Ride American Pharaoh

Very few people will ever have the chance to ride the insanely valuable Triple Crown-winning American Pharoah. So on a recent morning workout, the racehorse’s jockey strapped a 360-degree GoPro rig to their helmet—allowing the rest of us to come as close as we’ll ever get to riding the steed. »7/30/15 10:40am7/30/15 10:40am


The masterful 360-degree long shot in yesterday's Game of Thrones

Yesterday's Game of Thrones episode was truly epic. It contained one really spectacular long shot in which the camera—placed in the center of Castle Black's inner ward—rotates, filming the battle carnage around it in one non-stop 360-degree shot. Director Neil Marshall thinks it is his "favorite shot ever." »6/09/14 7:41pm6/09/14 7:41pm