The 360Hero Cameras Are All Shades of Mind Blowing 360° Awesome

If we can agree on one thing, let's agree on this: 360° videos are unbelievably awesome because they completely immerse you into the video itself. Actually, video isn't even the right word for them because 360° videos fully capture everything around you, below you and above you—they're a recording of real life. »5/30/13 9:40pm5/30/13 9:40pm

Raytheon's 360-Degree Image Sensor Provides Unswerving All-Around View

In like very single movie, the ninja outsmarts the security system by waiting until the motorized camera pans the other way. Well what if, asks Raytheon, what if the camera didn't have to swerve? Parabolic mirrors and other devices have been used to create 360-degree cameras before. (I once shot footage on one in… »12/19/07 11:07am12/19/07 11:07am