Haha, these super short 3D animations about a tiny world are so cute

I wish these 3D animation shorts were a full movie. Called Tiny Worlds, it shows miniature sized characters and machines solving normal sized problems. Cigarette flicked on the ground? A tiny submarine will blast it away. Matches left on the street? A mini semi truck will haul it away. Gum on the sidewalk? Let's call… »3/19/14 12:28am3/19/14 12:28am

AlterEgo Shows Off Incredibly Realistic 3D Animated Faces

Pendulum Studios, the guys who brought you the in-game movies in Stuntman 2 »8/09/08 6:00pm8/09/08 6:00pm and are working on the forthcoming , have released a couple videos showing off their AlterEgo team's proprietary facial performance software. The program brings out some of the most realistic and precise 3D animated expressions available to…