Panasonic's G2 Camera Now Compatible With 3D Lens

Thanks to the 1.11 update for Panasonic's $600 DMC-G2, the camera is now compatible with Panny's $250 3D lens. Now you can get started filming the Avatar sequel before James Cameron does. [Panasonic via Amateur Photographer] » 11/19/10 3:40am 11/19/10 3:40am

Toronto Firm Thinks It's Perfected Single-Lens 3D Technique

Consumer trepidation aside, one of the other major issues standing in 3D's way on its march into the mainstream is high production costs. 3D typically means two lenses, but one company, ISee3D, may have perfected a way using just one. » 9/11/10 5:00pm 9/11/10 5:00pm

Fuji Finepix Real 3D W1 Tested, Declared "Coolest Camera of the Year"

Just before everyone got completely tired of just talking about how weird-looking Fuji's grin-faced, two-eyed 3D point-and-shoot is, some news: It does work, and it's extremely cool. This according to the Brits at Stuff, who've actually got one. » 7/30/09 3:56pm 7/30/09 3:56pm

Smiley Fujifilm 3D Point-and-Shoot Camera Does Video, Laughs at Your…

Fuji's two-eyed 3D consumer camera grinned its way into our lives last week, but Time spared us the details. Now, a proper announcement: the FinePix Real 3D W1 camera shoots 3D stills and video, which can be viewed without glasses. » 7/22/09 6:58am 7/22/09 6:58am

Fuji's 3D Point-and-Shoot Due in September for $600, Features Unnerving …

No, seriously, once you notice this Fuji's lopsided, goofy grin, you just can't unsee it. It beats the concept version's terrifying death stare, I guess. Anyway: the dual-lensed FinePix Real 3D will land stateside in September, for $600. Sort of. » 7/13/09 6:49am 7/13/09 6:49am

RED Unloads Modular Cameras, a DSLR, 3D and 28k

Rumors of a RED DSLR had been confirmed a long time ago » 11/13/08 5:40am 11/13/08 5:40am, but what of the Scarlet and EPIC übercamcorders? On the , RED CEO Jim Jannard has explained it all: Scarlet and EPIC the DSLR — all cameras are "part of the same DSMC system", so each and every camera will be part of a modular, build-your-own, still and video…

3D-Sensing Cameras Bring Second Life One Step Closer To The Metaverse

Those of you who have always wanted to move around Second Life while actually moving around may be in luck. Linden Lab Chair Mitchell Kapor has teamed up with 3DV Systems to show the Zcam, an inexpensive video camera that can judge when you're leaning forward and backwards. No news yet on whether it can also sense… » 4/12/08 11:00am 4/12/08 11:00am