The Bizarre, Glitchy Glory of Wiggling 3D-Map Disasters

Remember a couple years ago when everybody was freaking out about the all of the 3D-imaging fuckups in the new Apple Maps? Well, those surreal portrayals of the world we live in, exist in many mapping services. And as one anonymous Tumblr user shows, they're works of artespecially when they wiggle. » 1/19/15 12:38pm 1/19/15 12:38pm

Apple Is Starting to Fix Its Own Apocalyptic 3D Maps Mess

Among the first things people noticed about Apple's new lackluster maps was that the 3D mode was not quite, um, true to life. Now Apple's started to roll out fixes for some of the locations it flattened like a water-damaged waffle iron. » 10/05/12 5:23pm 10/05/12 5:23pm

Climb Mount Everest from Your Couch

3D maps of Mount Everest is as old as 3D mapping itself. People see a big mountain and want to scale 3D. But there's now a 3D map of Everest that's 400 times clearer than before. Details! » 5/09/11 9:40pm 5/09/11 9:40pm

See Mars Better Than An Astronaut With Microsoft's Interactive Maps

In order to create the most interactive 3D-map of Mars ever, NASA had to process 13,000 gigapixel HiRISE images for three years. Now that they've finished, the map will let people see Mars better than most NASA scientists ever have. » 7/13/10 12:00am 7/13/10 12:00am