The Replicator Is Still Sci-Fi, But Here's A Start

The dream of the Replicator—a machine that can create or copy any object—has mesmerized us ever since Star Trek used one to conjure a glass of water out of thin air. Yet, like so much other sci-fi tech invented by show business, it's always been just out of reach. The 3D printer company XYZ Printing wants to change… »10/28/14 12:00am10/28/14 12:00am

Watch as Laser Scanners and CNC Millers Restore a Castle's Gargoyles

Even a building made of stone is still subject to the ravages of time, and the intricately carved gargoyles on Kronborg Castle in Denmark were in desperate need of repair before they crumbled into dust. We all know how easy it is to replicate something using a 3D printer, but if you need something made of stone, it's… »7/11/14 1:20pm7/11/14 1:20pm

1914 Coney Island Diorama Is World's Largest Desktop-Printed Sculpture

Luna Park opened in Brooklyn in 1903, during the heyday of Coney Island attractions. This weekend, artist Fred Kahl pays tribute to the park's history with a 3D-printed model depicting it as it appeared 100 years ago. It's being billed as the largest art installation ever created on a desktop 3D printer, and building… »5/24/14 4:00pm5/24/14 4:00pm

3D Scanning Saved These Ancient Footprints Just Before They Washed Away

In May 2013, a storm uncovered these ancient footprints on an English beach. At over 800,000 years old, they're the oldest human ancestor footprints ever found outside of Africa. The storm that revealed them soon washed them away too, but scientists have been studying the footprints for months after the fact, thanks… »2/07/14 6:40pm2/07/14 6:40pm

The Smithsonian Is Uploading Its Lost Treasures to the Internet

With over 137 million artifacts, works of art, and specimens in its collections, the Smithsonian can't display even one percent of that at any given time. Many historically significant pieces won't go on display in our lifetimes and other likely won't ever see the light of day again. But their replicants will. »11/13/13 9:00am11/13/13 9:00am

The Beautiful, Precise Images of Buildings That 3D Scanning Enables

3D scanning—though it's been around since the 1960s—has been in the news of late, with Harvard using the technology to recreate ancient statues and MakerBot announcing a desktop scanner last month. But cheaper, faster, and more accessible 3D scanners aren't just revolutionizing how we print terrifying models of our… »4/25/13 1:00pm4/25/13 1:00pm