If You Still Care About 3D, the Xbox One is Getting 3D Blu-ray Support

If you are one of that rare breed of AV fanatics that has both a 3D TV and a selection of 3D Blu-rays, Microsoft's next update for the Xbox One is just for you. The next firmware update for the console will bring with it support for 3D Blu-ray playback, potentially removing the need for one more box under your telly. » 7/21/14 5:12am 7/21/14 5:12am

This Was the 3D-TV Theater of the Future Before TV Even Existed

Futurist-minded weirdos were dreaming up 3D movies as early as the 1910s, back when feature-length films were still in their infancy. But in 1928 the hot new techno-hype was all about television: specifically, 3D TV that people could watch in a theater. Complete with that newfangled sync-sound! » 6/04/14 6:11pm 6/04/14 6:11pm

Would You Buy a 3DTV if You Didn't Need Glasses?

3DTV hasn't taken off the way the TV and Movie industries hoped it would, but institutes like the MIT Media Lab are getting closer to developing displays that have the 3D effect and don't require glasses, which is one of the big grievances of naysayer. But would you join the ranks of the 3DTV faithful if you didn't… » 7/13/12 1:40pm 7/13/12 1:40pm

LG 55" Cinema 3D Smart TV Lightning Review: A Pretty Good TV for Children of the Night

LG's newest LED member of its Cinema 3D line is packed to the gills with features and functionality including native support for Netflix and HuluPlus, sharing media from mobile devices and PCs, and Internet access, but you're going to have to keep vampire hours to avoid the glare. » 5/17/12 1:00pm 5/17/12 1:00pm