Okay Fine, the 3Doodler Can Do At Least One Cool Thing

After trying it out at CES earlier this year, we weren't completely blown away with what the 3Doodler—a sort of handheld 3D printer—was capable of. Producing anything remotely recognizable requires an enormous amount of time and patience, which Matt Butchard must have in spades since he used the pen to create a… »6/23/14 12:20pm6/23/14 12:20pm


Hands On With the 3Doodler 3D Printing Pen: Patience Is a Virtue

CES 2014 is flush with 3D printers this year, and while they're getting cheaper and easier to use, you still need to either buy 3D models online to print, or design your own which requires know-how of 3D modelling software. But we all know how to use a crayon or magic marker to draw, and the folks behind the 3Doodler »1/07/14 2:15pm1/07/14 2:15pm