JVC BlackSapphire 4000 Ears-On: This 55-Inch 3DTV Wants to Kill Your…

If you own a 55-inch 3DTV, chances are you've invested in at least a cheap soundbar to match the power of the picture on the screen. You basically have to; the built-in sound on most sets is horrendous. The sound system in the new 55-inch JVC BlackSapphire 3DTV is way burlier than the sound in comparable TVs, and from… » 10/17/12 11:33am 10/17/12 11:33am

Not Even the Olympics Can Make 3DTV Worth It

The 3D feed of the Olympics is the most ambitious 3D broadcast in history. It employs 50 3D camera rigs, manned by 80 souls who are split into three teams, which scurry around London from event to event. Obviously, it's incredible to watch, but is it enough to make the effort and cost of watching in 3D worth it? » 8/02/12 11:00am 8/02/12 11:00am

There's Another 21:9 3DTV in Town

Until now it's only been Philips that's had truly-widescreen 21:9 TVs, but Taiwanese company AUO has got in on the action with what they're claiming is the world's largest 3DTV with that aspect ratio, at 71-inches. » 11/05/10 12:05pm 11/05/10 12:05pm