​Moto G Review: The Best Cheap Phone, But Still a Cheap Phone

Cheap smartphones—we mean really cheap, off-contract smartphones—are terrible. They're tormented by horrid, pixilated screens, they're slower than your grandma, and they feel like they're held together by Scotch tape. The $180 (off-contract!) Moto G is none of those things. It definitely has significant shortcomings,… » 12/09/13 1:57pm 12/09/13 1:57pm

This SD Card Is Hiding a Mobile Hotspot Inside

The last thing you want to do after buying yourself a sleek, ultra-slim laptop is muck up its lovely form factor with an ungainly mobile WiFi hotspot hanging off a USB port. So taking inspiration from the Eye-Fi, Huawei has cooked up its own SD card that's gutted to make room for a nano SIM slot and a HSPA+ 3G radio… » 10/02/13 4:20pm 10/02/13 4:20pm

Why "More Bars in More Places" Means Nothing

Years ago we heard AT&T's pitch: "more bars in more places". Their campaign was to let everyone know that they had the best signal around. Sure, that may have mattered then, but the definition of signal is even variable. Just a few years ago, Apple and AT&T changed how the iPhone displayed the signal bars to appear as… » 3/16/12 2:00pm 3/16/12 2:00pm

You Can Now Download iOS Apps Up to 50MB Over 3G (or 4G)

Previously capped at 20MB over 3G, iOS app downloads up to 50MB can now be downloaded over 3G (or 4G in the new iPad LTE) in iOS 5.1. It's a welcome increase as devs aren't no longer handcuffed to a minuscule megabyte limit and have more freedom to do more stuff (if they want to hit that 'instant download' range). » 3/07/12 6:05pm 3/07/12 6:05pm

How Much More the iPad's Superfast 4G LTE Data Will Cost You (Updated)

The new iPad, with its retina display and 4G LTE connectivity, is about to do wonders for your personal entertainment needs. But that much pretty at those speeds could also decimate your data cap. Why? Because nicer visuals means bigger file sizes. Here's how to limit the damage to your wallet. » 3/07/12 5:52pm 3/07/12 5:52pm