"iPhone 3G" FCC Application Hints at Potential Apple "Smartphone"

Washington D.C. (Agencies) - Confidential FCC documents unearthed today by internet blog Intomobile point out at the possibility of Apple releasing a new secret device which some experts think could be a "smartphone." The new gadget—which was submitted for FCC approval in June 1, 2008—apparently has a big "touch"… »6/10/08 7:10am6/10/08 7:10am

World Gets iPhone and Multiple Carriers per Country, Canada Stops Whining

Yes, this is another iPhone post, but embrace it with true love, because it means two things: one, no more damn "iPhone to be available in [insert name of some weird country here]" articles ever again (stop saying words, Canada.) And two: you get to see We Are the World one more time. It also means a third new thing:… »6/09/08 9:00pm6/09/08 9:00pm

Can AT&T's Network Handle Millions of Data-Hogging 3G iPhones?

We're ready for the 3G iPhone, but are AT&T's 3G networks ready for it? Om Malik raises the scary possibility that AT&T's complete HSDPA network might be newly strengthened, but still might not be robust enough to handle the onslaught of 3G traffic, rendering 3G barely more nimble than EDGE. After a year of waiting… »6/09/08 10:40am6/09/08 10:40am

In Japan, Cellphones Are Too Complicated but the iPhone Is Too Simple

Interesting fact about the laundry list of magical powers bestowed to Japanese cellphones-it makes 'em really hard for mere mortals to use. In this Wired article, Nobi Hayashi (who's like Japan's Pogue) estimates people use less than 5 to 10 percent of their handsets' functions-his Panasonic P905i has a 3-inch TV, 3G,… »6/07/08 6:00pm6/07/08 6:00pm

Remember: Apple WWDC Liveblog on Monday June 9th, 10AM Cupertino Time

What the hell is with all these damn iPhone posts?! It would be a small miracle if you haven't heard, but Apple's developer focused WWDC keynote will be happening this Monday, and word has it that iPhones and operating systems may drop from the sky. We'll start liveblogging before the actual event at 10AM, California… »6/07/08 2:49pm6/07/08 2:49pm

iPhone 2 Leaked Pics (?) Show 3G Video Calling With Other Phones and iChat, Plus (RED) Version

These leaked pics from what looks like some sort of Apple or AT&T marketing material give up lots more information on the phone, including (if it's real) what the final shape is going to look like. Both the standard black version and the project (RED) version have tapered edges, which match the "thinner" rumors, and a… »6/07/08 1:34am6/07/08 1:34am

A Year of Tortured Patience: Holding Out for the Second-Gen iPhone

When the first iPhone was announced, I thought it looked cool. Very cool. But I just couldn't bring myself to plunk down a whopping $600 on a phone that lacked some pretty important features: video recording, picture-messaging, tons of storage, and, most importantly, a 3G connection that would make the awesome mobile… »6/06/08 3:00pm6/06/08 3:00pm