Dell, Google May Make Joint Android/Google Phone Announcement at 3GSM

"Senior industry sources" are making the bold claim that Dell and Google are going to announce a joint effort to make THE GOOGLE PHONE at the 3GSM conference in February. That sounds unlikely to us, and with Dell's history of putting their name on other people's gadgets (the iPod, for example), if anything it's… »1/30/08 4:15pm1/30/08 4:15pm

My favorite 3GSM iPod Substitute: More Shots of the Sony Ericsson w880 Walkman Phone and Friends

In my mad dash to get to Spain (I had a little over 24 hours to pack, find a hotel, etc), I forgot to charge my iPod. Now if I woulda had one of these mobiles by my side, everything would've been alright. Granted, none of these phones would have lasted me the full 6+ hour flight from NY to Barcelona, but they… »2/16/07 7:04am2/16/07 7:04am

Big and Proud: More Impressions of the Nokia e90 and the iMate Ultimate

I'm pretty superficial when it comes to my cell phones. I like them thin and stylish—drop them in your pocket and forget they're there. They gotta be smart too, I won't settle for any crap interface (although since I'm on Verizon, that's tough to do). So you'd think I'd be all over Samung's new Ultra series, right.… »2/16/07 5:57am2/16/07 5:57am

3GSM 2007: I Heart Motorola's Z8 Banana-Slider and Q9 Smartphone

Without a doubt, the Moto Q9 and the Z8 were the stars of Motorola's 3GSM booth. As a current Q owner, I can say the Q9 has some nice improvements. Most noticeably is the new QWERTY keyboard, which is spaced slight differently than the Q's, but just as comfortable to use. I'm not a fan of sliders, but the Z8 is also… »2/15/07 12:31am2/15/07 12:31am