Cylo's 3Style Mouse Nearing Launch

We showed you Cylo's 3Style mouse back at CES. It's essentially a 3D mouse designed to replace your current rodent and make it easier to scroll around on your computer. From the looks of it, the folks at Cylo are close to releasing the mouse, putting it through a few final tests before going into production, which… » 2/26/07 10:39am 2/26/07 10:39am

3style Adds a Jogwheel to Your Mouse

This 3style Mouse combines standard mouse design with a jogwheel, an input device familiar to video editors everywhere, to create a new and pretty awesome looking way of controlling your computer. » 2/20/07 10:11am 2/20/07 10:11am

Cylo Tech Turns Breast Implant into 3Style Functional Mouse

The Skinny Yeah, we know. It looks like a small breast implant, but the 3Style mouse was designed to let you work in 3D. It has left and right click buttons along with a jog dial that you can twist left or right (like a rotary phone). » 1/11/07 2:15pm 1/11/07 2:15pm