Some Sites Will Go Offline If the Government Shuts Down On Tuesday

Though powering .gov websites isn't at the core of the U.S. government's financial woes, certain agencies will take their websites offline if there is a shutdown on Tuesday. Ars is reporting that the Library of Congress, the National Parks Department, the Securities and Exchange Commission, and the Federal Trade… » 9/29/13 3:49pm 9/29/13 3:49pm

This Space Invaders 404 Page Is the Funnest 404 Error Page Ever

Few things are worse on the Internet than reaching a 404 Error page. It's soul sucking, cable checking, life wondering, browser refreshing, absence inducing, mortality questioning bad. And it doesn't always have to be! Some 404 Page Not Found Errors are hilarious. A few are entertaining. This one has to be the most… » 5/31/13 8:00pm 5/31/13 8:00pm

The Most Exuberant 404 Error Ever

You will never be happier to get a 404 error than if you land on this one from a Russian construction company whose web engineers clearly have a sense of humor. The stick figure dancing is delightful, and the dude bobbing his head along is the icing on the cake. Add it to your best 404 pages list. And you can turn the… » 1/20/12 12:00pm 1/20/12 12:00pm

Herman Cain's 404 Page Is Actually Rather Clever

I see what you did there, Herman Cain. Sneaky and hilarious, but for what it's worth, your 404 page is probably getting more hits this week than your entire site. Even though you're probably not going to be president, you, sir, win Internet of the Week. Now let's go and celebrate with some manly, meaty pizza. My… » 11/14/11 5:00pm 11/14/11 5:00pm

More Archos 404/604 PMPs Details Emerge: Little Difference Between the…

We're learning more and more about the upcoming Archos 404 (pictured here) and 604 portable media players as we approach their anticipated release, with the latest news suggesting that the main difference between the two will be screen size: the 404 will feature a 3.5-inch screen with a 320 x 240 pixel resolution… » 7/31/06 3:31pm 7/31/06 3:31pm