Wii Costs 45% Less to Manufacture, Nintendo Rolling In Dough

Though Nintendo's Wii can't always be the top seller, the company isn't hurting for profits. According to a Japanese investor, the cost of manufacturing the Wii is down about 45% thanks to new technology. Since the Wii was turning a profit at the already-inexpensive price of $250, if this rumor is to be believed,… »4/07/09 1:10am4/07/09 1:10am


Pagani Carbon-Fiber Hi-Fi Is Order-Only, Uh-Oh, Expensive

Italian supercar manufacturer Pagani has gone into the luxury audio market and produced a carbon fiber-and-brushed aluminum stereo system whose bass speakers looks are reminiscent of the fat exhausts found on its Zonda supercar—at least, that's what the 350-watt speakers look like. Find out what else the Pagani sound… »3/10/08 5:12am3/10/08 5:12am