AMD's Quad-Core "Shanghai" Server Opterons Go 45nm, Desktop Version In '09

AMD' » 11/13/08 5:05am 11/13/08 5:05ams just revealed its quad-core Opteron chips manufactured with its new 45nm process. Based on the "" chipset, the new "Shanghai" chips have a few extra tweaks: the L3 cache has risen from 2 to 6MB, giving it about 35% boosted power performance over the previous generation. The new chips also have better power…

Cell Processors to Go 45nm in '09; Smaller, Cheaper PS3s Likely to…

Sony and Toshiba announced that they had successfully shrunk the 65nm cell down to 45nm earlier this year » 9/22/08 8:30am 9/22/08 8:30am, and now thanks to Japan's Nikkan Kogyo, we now have a date for mass production: 2009. At a 40% reduction in power consumption, the shrunken Cell will generate less heat, which would help the PS3 to lose some of…

Intel's Atom Roadmap Revealed: "Pineview" Chips Due Fall 2009, Use New…

Yesterday it was AMD, and today PC Watch has got hold of Intel's Atom roadmap: looks like the next-generation of chips, dubbed "Pineview," will hit in Q3 of next year. The 45nm processors will follow the route taken by the current gen, using hyperthreading to double up single and dual processor cores so that the OS sees… » 9/05/08 8:15am 9/05/08 8:15am

Intel's Insanely Tiny Processor Roadmap: "Clear Path" to 10nm Chips

Think Intel's breakthrough 45-nanometer chips are impressive stuff? Intel thought at one time dipping below 100nm would be miraculous, but Intel exec Pat Gelsinger says that "today we see a clear way to get to under 10 nanometers," and it'll be within the next 10 years. » 7/03/08 12:07pm 7/03/08 12:07pm

Microsoft Denies Slimmer Xbox 360

Everyone is pretty sure that Microsoft is shrinking the heart of the Xbox 360 onto one chip when the production process hits 45nm, but as we said yesterday, that doesn't necessarily mean a slim Xbox 360 is on its way. Microsoft has officially responded to the rumor with a big "nayi": » 5/14/08 10:30am 5/14/08 10:30am

We read that as "a slim 360 isn't in…

AMD Finally Shows Off Its 45nm Processors

At CeBit today AMD finally showed off the fruits of its 45nm labors—one server and one desktop chip, a far cry from the 16 Intel launched with Penryn's debut back in January. But, given AMD's woes lately, on the technical and biznass fronts, we're just glad to see 'em. » 3/04/08 11:41am 3/04/08 11:41am

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Intel Core 2 Duo E8500 Wolfdale Processor Tested (Verdict: "Recommended")

The chaps over at Hot Hardware have put the Intel Core 2 Duo E8500 processor, which belongs to the (45nm) Wolfdale line, through its paces, and they sure were impressed. From their extensive testing, the processor, intended for desktop machines and ideal for gaming especially, did not seem to make any massive changes… » 3/01/08 9:00pm 3/01/08 9:00pm

Afternoon News: Boffins Galore, Spectrum Auction, Rock, Paper,…

• Joining the other boffins we've discussed today is this Indian boffin, who invented a flying carpet by attaching a powerful motor to a thin sheet of fabric. By the way, we have not used the word "boffin" on this site since 2004. Boffin! [Wired]
• The FCC announced the participants in the 700MHz spectrum auction. If I… » 12/19/07 3:59pm 12/19/07 3:59pm

Moore's Law is a Farce, Says Intel Video

Did you ever think that Gordon Moore's famous law was just a clever way to impress PC buyers every two years? Watch here as young Gordy Moore cuts right to the chase and invents the 45nm Penryn chip at his kitchen table by mixing a pinch of chips, a dash of metal gates, a dollop of hafnium, and the sweet, malty… » 12/13/07 10:09am 12/13/07 10:09am

Alienware Intros New Penryn-based PCs

As soon as Intel finished announcing the arrival of the new 45nm Penryn chips, Alienware announced an upgrade of their own, incorporating a 3GHz Penryn into their Area-51 ALX desktop. Using their advanced cooling system, Alienware claims that this PC will run at 4GHz. Starting at $5500, it will ship shortly after… » 11/12/07 12:00pm 11/12/07 12:00pm