LG Getting New KC910 As Flagship Phone With Killer Camera Features

There's apparently a new touchscreen handset from LG on the way, and early word is that it's slated to be the Korean phone maker's new flagship phone. So far known as the KC910, it appears to be more camera than phone, shooting at 8-megapixels with a real Xenon flash, face detection, image stabilization and a 480p… »7/01/08 8:51pm7/01/08 8:51pm

Vudu Test Confirms HD Download Worries (Plus: What Needs to Be Done)

Click to viewOver the weekend, I checked out three versions of the Transformers movie: standard-def and high-def instantaneous downloads to the Vudu box with 4-Mbps net connection, as well as the HD DVD of the movie, playing through the Xbox 360. As you can see in the image above, the so-called HD experience from Vudu… »2/04/08 2:25pm2/04/08 2:25pm