Behind the Scenes at the San Francisco 49ers’ New High Tech Stadium

Candlestick's out and Levi's Stadium has been officially christened as the new home of the San Francisco 49ers. The brand-spanking-new site is all kinds of wired up and ready to receive upwards of 70,000 smartphone-wielding fans. I went behind the scenes to see how the tech has come together. Are you ready for… »9/05/14 2:00pm9/05/14 2:00pm

Candlestick Park Is Darker than North Korea Thanks to This Exploding Transformer

As Deadspin has pointed out, the San Francisco 49ers can't seem to keep their lights on. First a 20-minute outage eight minutes before kickoff, then another 16-minute delay with twelve minutes left in the second quarter. What gives? Oh right, the gigantic electrical transformer explosion outside of the stadium. [… »12/19/11 11:21pm12/19/11 11:21pm