Verizon Is Killing Off 3G Networks (to Make More Room For LTE)

The first Verizon LTE networks only opened for business in 2010, but already the carrier is shutting down its older, slower 3G siblings. The reason? To make space for more of the 4G that we all love. » 12/04/14 4:30am 12/04/14 4:30am

Evleaks says that Verizon is set to offer prepaid 4G LTE starting on July 17th. $45 will get you unlimited talk and text and 500MB of data a month, while data jumps to 1GB for $55 or 3GB for $65. [Evleaks] » 7/06/14 6:56pm 7/06/14 6:56pm

Liquid Image Ego LS Action Camera Has 4G for Instant Bragging Rights

Liquid Image has a new action cam coming out in June. It looks very not-unlike a GoPro. It shoots 1080p video at 30fps or 720p at 60fps. Nothing so outstanding there. What's unique, though, is that it'll attach to a 4G module. In other words you can instantly stream video from anywhere. That means your friends can… » 1/05/14 9:03pm 1/05/14 9:03pm

FCC to Finally Auction Controversial Chunk of Spectrum for Mobile Data

The Federal Communications Commission has finally voted to open up 10MHz of spectrum for "commercial mobile services"—that has until now been protected because of interference concerns. » 6/28/13 3:41am 6/28/13 3:41am

How Much Mobile Data Do You Actually Use?

Some of us—including me—are lucky enough to still have unlimited data plans. That's great, especially given that I burned through 2.6GB in the last month alone. But just how much mobile data do you use? » 6/26/13 5:49am 6/26/13 5:49am

T-Mobile's Testing Out Its LTE Network in 8 Different Cities

The "uncarrier" T-Mobile has an announcement coming up next week, and while it could be about anything, some recent data about their LTE testing provides a clue. According to OpenSignal, T-Mobile has already started testing it's brand new, upcoming LTE network in a total of eight different cities. » 3/23/13 6:00pm 3/23/13 6:00pm

Why T-Mobile's 4G Network Could Kick Everybody's Ass

A lot of people wrote T-Mobile off when its big merger with AT&T fell through last year. The pink carrier had no iPhone, no 4G. But with yesterday's announcement of the company's official LTE rollout, it may have just put itself in a position to offer something no one else can. » 3/18/13 1:25pm 3/18/13 1:25pm

FreedomPop's New Router Hooks Up Your Home With Free, Wireless Broadband

You've only got so many options when it comes to home Internet. Don't like the folks who own the Internet-pipes in your neighborhood? Too bad. Well, FreedomPop is aiming to put another option on the table: a $89 4G router with free data built right in. » 3/06/13 9:00am 3/06/13 9:00am

Huawei Claims It Has the World’s Fastest 4G Phone—But Who Really Cares?

Huawei could add a waffle-maker to its Ascend P2, and I doubt even that would be enough to pull people over to its side of the phone stores. Unlike the Ascend D2 unveiled at CES, there's no 3,000mAh battery lurking here (you'll have to "make do" with a 2420 one), but there's a CAT 4LTE chipset, meaning 4G speeds can… » 2/25/13 2:48am 2/25/13 2:48am

Finally, an LTE Chip That Will Work Anywhere in the World

Qualcomm has announced something that will make travellers everywhere very happy: a new radio chipset that can support every LTE network in the world. » 2/22/13 3:31am 2/22/13 3:31am

Karma 4G Hotspot: An Awesome Stash of Just-In-Case Internet

Having the ability to set up a Wi-Fi network wherever you need one can be great, but it can also come at a cost. Hotspots come with expensive plans, and more and more often, phone tethering does too. The Karma hotspot, on the other hand, is totally pay-as-you-go, and even comes with the built-in ability to accrue a… » 2/15/13 2:20pm 2/15/13 2:20pm

Developers Show the Nexus 4 Can Handle LTE, Kinda

A bunch of developers over on the XDA forums have been tinkering with the Nexus 4 to see if they can persuade it to play nice with LTE. Turns out that, despite a lack of signal amplifier and filter, it can handle the high-speed connection. Kind of. » 11/23/12 6:00am 11/23/12 6:00am

The Nexus 4 Does Have LTE, It’s Just Not Switched On (Updated)

Following that iFixit teardown of the Nexus 4, it looks like LG and Google did kit out their new flagship with LTE after all—at least, there's a Qualcomm multi-band LTE chip in there—it's just not active. But why whack in a 4G chip and not bother to use it? » 11/19/12 5:49am 11/19/12 5:49am

Sprint Will Have LTE iPad Minis in Stores Today

Sprint has announced that it will be selling cellular versions of the iPad Mini, and updated iPad, in its stores as of this morning. Go grab one while you can. » 11/16/12 4:16am 11/16/12 4:16am

Rumor: Google in Discussion With Dish to Plan New Wireless Service

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Google is in talks with satellite-TV provider Dish Network, with the intention of joining forces to create a "new wireless service that would rival the networks of wireless carriers such as AT&T and Verizon". » 11/16/12 3:38am 11/16/12 3:38am