U.S. 4G Coverage Still World's Second-Worst, Now 30% Crappier Than 2013

The network-analyzing super-wonks at OpenSignal have released their 2014 State of LTE report, and things aren't looking good for U.S. smartphone users. Not only is our 4G LTE signal once again the second-slowest in the world; compared to last year's report, it actually got more than 30% slower. » 2/20/14 1:20pm 2/20/14 1:20pm

How Much More the iPad's Superfast 4G LTE Data Will Cost You (Updated)

The new iPad, with its retina display and 4G LTE connectivity, is about to do wonders for your personal entertainment needs. But that much pretty at those speeds could also decimate your data cap. Why? Because nicer visuals means bigger file sizes. Here's how to limit the damage to your wallet. » 3/07/12 5:52pm 3/07/12 5:52pm

Verizon's Unsatisfying 4G Outage Explanation

If you're a Verizon Wireless customer with a 4G device, you may have noticed some coverage lapses recently. Three of them, to be precise, of differing magnitude and duration but all pretty darned inconvenient. But don't worry! Verizon totally has an explanation that will leave you feeling no better than you did before… » 12/30/11 9:56am 12/30/11 9:56am

AT&T's LTE Plans, In Which "4G" Remains a Vague Cipher

God bless Sascha Segan, who may be the most dogged reporter on carriers and networks around. In this episode, AT&T tells him its LTE plans. Some of its answers will make you punch a wall, because they are non-answers, like whether their LTE phones will work on Verizon's network. But a couple things remain of note. » 10/12/11 11:41am 10/12/11 11:41am

The Samsung Stratosphere: You Can Finally Mash QWERTY Buttons on a 4G LTE Phone

The Samsung Stratosphere doesn't seem that special on first glance—Android 2.3, 1GHz Hummingbird processor, 5 megapixel camera, 4-inch Super AMOLED screen—but it's the first 4G LTE phone with a slide-out QWERTY, that's got to count for something right? $150 with two year contract on October 13th. [Verizon] » 10/10/11 1:11pm 10/10/11 1:11pm

HTC Thunderbolt Hitting Verizon March 17th for $249, Will Be the First 4G LTE Phone

After a million different rumored release dates, Verizon just announced the official deets on the HTC Thunderbolt, the Android-powered 4G LTE phone. March 17th for 250 bucks. Verizon says to expect download speeds of 5 to 12 Mbps and upload of 2 to 5 Mbps. The Thunderbolt itself sports a 4.3" WVGA display, 8 megapixel… » 3/15/11 9:05am 3/15/11 9:05am