First Video of an iPhone 5 Booting Up

At this stage of the proceedings, Foxconn must be churning a triillion iPhone 5 units per second, getting ready for the September 12 launch. Nor surprisingly, it seems someone managed to smuggle one out of a factory in Jincheng, China. Not just parts, but an entire unit. » 9/05/12 12:45pm 9/05/12 12:45pm

What's That Mysterious Metal Square On the Top of the iPhone 5?

According to rumormongers, this allegedly leaked iPhone part supposedly shows a Near Field Communication (NFC) antenna that would work with iOS 6's passbook to turn your iPhone into a digital wallet. But is it really? » 8/28/12 12:16pm 8/28/12 12:16pm

This Is Not the iPhone 5

This is not the iPhone 5 but, if this were the iPhone 5, I wouldn't mind buying it. I like the soapbar design, loosely based on the false teardrop iPhone 5 poppycock that someone puffed out sometime last year. » 2/24/12 8:37am 2/24/12 8:37am

Of course it glows in the dark. With photons made out of unicorn horns.

iOS 5 Is Allllmooost Done: What's New in Beta 6

Apple just seeded Beta 6 for iOS 5 to developer accounts. Beta 5 was released two weeks ago, and with the iPhone announcement due within a few weeks, iOS 5 should be just about done. Here's some of the polish added in Beta 6. » 8/19/11 2:04pm 8/19/11 2:04pm

BGR Claims 4G LTE iPhone 5 Is Being Tested on Carriers

BGR is reporting that carriers are testing a 4G LTE model of Apple's next iPhone. According to BGR, an internal test build of iOS contains code that betrays 4G LTE trials. » 8/15/11 10:42am 8/15/11 10:42am

Embed a Message In an OK Go Music Video Using Chrome

We know that HTML 5 and stuff like Canvas, SVG, and WebGL is cool, but how cool are they? Cool enough to let you embed a message in a music video and have the band Ok Go dance it out for you. » 7/28/11 1:23am 7/28/11 1:23am

Apple TV Will Get Bluetooth (and Maybe Apps) with iOS 5

Code pulled from the latest iOS 5 beta shows that Apple TV will support bluetooth keyboards and accessories. Which is cool, I guess. But what that means to you is that your Apple TV might be running apps soon. » 7/12/11 1:55pm 7/12/11 1:55pm

iOS 5 Is Getting Closer: Here's What's New in Beta 3

Apple has seeded iOS 5 beta 3 to its devs. The third iOS 5 beta should mean that a final release is nearing: iOS 3 saw five betas before going final, and iOS 4 had four. » 7/11/11 3:55pm 7/11/11 3:55pm

The iPhone 5 Rumor Roundup

The iOS and iPhone 5 rumors have been coming in at a whirlwind clip lately, and it can be a Sisyphean task trying to keep up with it all. So here's a quick roundup of everything that might have slipped under your radar. » 6/14/11 10:30am 6/14/11 10:30am

Apple iOS 5 gallery

The New Settings Control Panel » 6/06/11 11:25pm 6/06/11 11:25pm

Settings with the Notifications Notifications center Customizing your notifications Banner alert on top Collapsible tray with alerts from multiple apps Alerts on the lock screen Twitter account screen in the settings Tweet from Safari Compose a tweet from Safari …

iOS 5 Hands On: It's a Nice Improvement

Apple announced iOS 5 today with 200 new features for your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Grab a coffee and settle into your favorite reading chair as we're going to take a closer look at some of these changes. » 6/06/11 10:58pm 6/06/11 10:58pm

Once you are done snapping your prize-winning photos, you can hop over to the Photos app…

Apple To Bundle iCloud For Free With OS X Lion

Apple may offer its new iCloud service for free to folks with Mac OS X Lion, according to AppleInsider. To sweeten the deal, Lion may be priced extremely competitive and sold through the Mac App Store. » 6/02/11 12:03am 6/02/11 12:03am

iPad Alternatives: The Main Contenders

Just because most of us bought iPads doesn't mean that any of you should. There are plenty of devices, out now or coming soon, that can do some things as well—or better. Here's a roundup of the best: » 3/31/10 12:40pm 3/31/10 12:40pm

Archos 5 Android Internet Tablet Reviewed: Disappoints With Lack of 3G,…

I wasn't too impressed when I took a look at the Archos 5 and the guys at T3 are of the same mindset. The Archos 5 is good as a PMP, but the Android "concept just doesn't add up." » 10/07/09 8:00pm 10/07/09 8:00pm

Archos Gen-6 5G PMP is 3G Web Surfing, HD Video, Touchscreen Beauty

Archos just revealed what that curtain tease » 8/19/08 1:00pm 8/19/08 1:00pm was all about: the 6th Gen Archos 5, 5G and 7 series PMPs. The 4.8" flagship 5G ditches the tired interface and buttons of the for a slick UI and touchscreen-only operation. It's got Wi-Fi, HD video support, web browsing, email, a huge HDD (up to 250GB), and built-in HSPDA…

Dealzmodo: 5% Off Anything at

Lockergnome has somewhat convoluted way to game the Amazon system to get an extra 5% off of anything in the store, as long as it's actually sold by and not a third-party retailer. It's too long to list here, but the gist of it is that you tell Amazon you already own something, wait a day, and they'll… » 5/31/08 5:00pm 5/31/08 5:00pm

Microsoft's Rap History Continues Past Windows 386 to MS-DOS 5

I'm glad I never have to watch that Windows 386 video again, but this MS-DOS 5 promo video is just as bad. If not worse. Okay, it's probably worse. [YouTube] » 9/11/07 2:30pm 9/11/07 2:30pm

T-Mobile's 5 Plan

Some good news today for T-Mobile customers. The cellphone provider is planning to launch their "5" plan later this year, which is currently in testing in the Portland, Oregon region. The "5" is a new rate plan that allows you to pick five numbers that you make and receive calls to and from the most, and T-Mobile will… » 8/02/06 3:00pm 8/02/06 3:00pm