5-0 App Turns Your iPhone into a Police Radio Scanner

If you've ever dropped in on police radio before, you know how oddly fascinating it can be. 5-0 Police Scanner Radio is a $2 app that lets you check out feeds for police, firefighters, transit authorities and more—and gives you a guide to police codes so you can figure out what the hell they're talking about. [iTunes] » 2/10/11 12:40pm 2/10/11 12:40pm

NASA-TV Streams HD Film to Celebrate 50 Years in Space

50 years ago this month NASA » 10/30/08 8:45am 10/30/08 8:45am rocketed into existence, and to celebrate this fact NASA-TV is streaming its special retrospective show "50 Years of Exploration: The Golden Anniversary of NASA" in HD format today at 1pm and 8pm EDT (and again tomorrow at 10am and 2pm). Check it out: it's presented by none other than Neil…