Toshiba Crammed 5 Computers in Its Shape-Shifting Concept 5-in-1 PC

It's a concept but it's a super fun one. Toshiba's shape-shifting concept 5-in-1 PC somehow manages to be a laptop, a tablet, a convertible tablet, a canvas, and a presentation TV-type device. A few of those five might be redundant (and/or useless), but it's pretty freaking sweet to see one computer try to be… » 1/07/14 5:23pm 1/07/14 5:23pm

The 5-in-1 Connection Kit Plugs Cameras, SD Cards, Keyboards and TVs…

This 5-in-1 kit works with both the iPad and iPad 2, and has a USB port, SD card and microSD card slots, and unlike the previous connector kit, holes to stick a keyboard and TV cable into. Not all at once, mind. It costs $45. [USB Fever via CrunchGear] » 3/24/11 11:48am 3/24/11 11:48am

Multi-Tool Pen Has 5-in-1 Versatility

There are plenty of multi-tool pens around, but none as beautiful as this hand-turned creation by John Russell. He chooses from 50 varieties of wood to craft these one-of-a-kind writing instruments. » 4/27/07 3:30pm 4/27/07 3:30pm

Philips Universal Game Charger, At Last

Packing all my chargers before trips has become completely ridiculous, so I'm pretty excited at the Philips 5-in-1 Universal Game Charger. It allows you to charge 4 Nintendo handhelds (DS, DS Lite, GBA, and GBA Micro) as well as the PSP. » 12/02/06 2:46pm 12/02/06 2:46pm