Sony's New "Affordable" 4K TVs Are Great—Just Like Every Other 4K TV on the Planet

Sony has two new Ultra HD TVs with the same technology as its monster 84-inch 4K LED model. At 65 and 55 inches, Sony CEO's Kaz Hirai said these are going to be the company's "affordable" 4K TVs. How much "affordable" is affordable, we don't know yet. No price has been announced. The only thing I know is that they… »1/07/13 10:01pm1/07/13 10:01pm


55-inch SED Teases Home Theater Fans Across the World

We're waiting for the day SEDs go full force, but in the meantime Canon and Toshiba have taken the wraps off a 55-inch SED panel. The display has an insanely high 100,000:1 contrast ratio that dwarfs the contrast ratio found in today's plasmas and LCDs. SEDs as we've said before, combine the best of CRTs (super high… »10/19/06 7:22pm10/19/06 7:22pm