Garmin's New Nuvi 500 GPS Does Driving, Walking, Boating Nav in One Unit

Garmin has just announced a new member of the Nuvi GPS range, the 500 series. In a first for Nuvi, the rugged, waterproof 500 units are specifically designed to be multipurpose, with maps for driving, walking, cycling and boating built in. For out-doorsy types, there's a shaded digital elevation map option, and a… » 7/22/08 8:30am 7/22/08 8:30am

Samsung Fires First Shots in Flat-Panel Price War

An alert AVS forum member posted a cryptic note entitled "Samsung first to lower prices!" I wondered if maybe the member wasn't referring to the Dealzmodo-tastic flat-panel price war that HD Guru Gary Merson predicted. Sure enough, when I cross checked Samsung's most recent MAP pricing on the 5 Series LCDs (a.k.a.… » 5/11/08 1:30pm 5/11/08 1:30pm